Delivering New Collaborative Robot Opportunities Universal Robots

SICK is one of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers providing sensors and application solutions that create the perfect basis for controlling processes securely, safely and efficiently.

Universal Robots is honored to be collaborating with SICK as part of the Universal Robots+ program. SICK’s commitment to intelligence, independence, innovation, leadership, people and safety aligns with Universal Robots’ goals and vision to make collaborative robots accessible to companies of all sizes.

Mr. David Bäck, OEM Business Manager for Identification & Measuring Marketing & Sales at SICK, said they chose to develop an Inspector URCap for the Universal Robots+ platform because the UR technology was a perfect match.

‘Both technologies focus on simplicity and ease of use and together this collaboration brings great benefits to all of our customers’.

The SICK Inspector URCap software provides easy integration between the Universal Robot and a SICK Inspector PIM60 2D vision sensor.


UR software version 3.3 allows for seamless interface integration. The SICK vision sensor is directly integrated via the cobot teach pendant. Accessing the functionality of the Inspector directly from the controller pendant makes it easier and faster for the person setting up the application.

Cobot With On Robot Gribber And Sick Vision Camera

A UR3 robot with an OnRobot gripper and the SICK Inspector URCap exhibited at the recent IMTS show in Chicago showing how vision sensing now seamlessly integrates with the UR robot and teach pendant.

The SICK Inspector URCap also supports extra data fields from the sensor to customize applications like quality inspections, which are critically important for many companies globally.


  • Easy integration of vision system in robot application
  • Robot guidance
  • View live images from the sensor
  • Brows reference objects
  • Calibrate and align the sensor
  • Align camera/sensor with robot coordinate system
  • Choose reference object
  • Automatically move to located target position.
  • Switch between reference objects in robot program
  • Set pick point location
  • Define extra data fields and publish as global variable
  • Set approach speed


Prior to the introduction of the SICK Inspector URCap, BSH Häusgeräte in Dillingen integrated a SICK Inspector and a UR robot. Machine Operator Thomas Kotter, said the integration of the SICK Inspector meant their robot was perfectly suited to the control panel. The technology has relieved Thomas of repetitive, labor-intensive work that is now being undertaken with ease and accuracy by the cobot.

This integration was made prior to the introduction of the SICK Inspector URCap so just imagine the additional and new types of applications that could be introduced with the same safety, ease, simplicity and precision. This certainly presents exciting new opportunities to businesses of all sizes and in all types of industries.

Universal Robots+

Universal Robots+ is a new environment creating Win-Win-Win situations benefiting all parties involved: developers and distributors, end customers and Universal Robots. This new ecosystem includes a showroom for developers to display their robotic components, for example vision systems, software, or grippers, and a community, +YOU, where developers can begin a knowledge exchange to enhance applications for the UR cobots. The end result of this new form of collaboration will be ready-to-use plug & play applications for Universal Robots’ product line. 

We want +YOU

We believe the future is collaborative. In this future, starting now, the developer community +YOU and the Universal Robots+ showroom will optimize the entire implementation process of a collaborative robot: First and foremost, developers have access to a showroom where they can display and market their products free of charge. While developing these products, they get a unique chance to receive technical support directly from Universal Robots – also free of charge.  Developers can even apply to loan UR robots to test their products on. If you’re developing a product enhancing the UR robots capabilities, we highly encourage you to register for the +YOU program right here. 

And as for the end users, they now have access to a platform where they quickly can browse and find tailor-made, certified solutions for their automation challenge, enabling them to hit the ground running when deploying their next UR robot.