In general, designer platforms connect people to the content is via the “USER INTERFACE”. The USER INTERFACE enables the platform to look simple and is more intuitive for the user.

In any of the 3D CAD design platforms, the name that truly emphasizes a true USER INTERFACE is none other than SOLIDWORKS Nashville.

SOLIDWORKS Nashville never lets down the users who are new to the platform or those who are familiar with the platform.

In this blog we are going to glimpse at the SOLIDWORKS Nashville USER INTERFACE. Let’s start!

The first and most surprising interface is the opening window of SOLIDWORKS Nashville, simply called the SOLIDWORKS Nashville SPLASH SCREEN [see right image below]. It is the most interesting and sometimes confusing in that the images are repeatedly changing each time on opening the application. Where are these pictures coming from, and how these pictures chosen. Curious, right?

SWX Premium

For Customers, each year SOLIDWORKS Nashville conducts a Beta Contest specifically for this SPLASH SCREEN. Each time the window opens, many of the images displayed are the few collections of participants in the Beta Contest. You may find the partially captured image [ on the left] that mentions “IMAGE COURTESY”. It is simply the asset name of the Customer [Participant]. 

The second one you will notice, when SOLIDWORKS Nashville opens, is the appearance of the WELCOME DIALOG BOX. It contains multiple tabs such as HOME, RECENT, LEARN and ALERTS.

SWX Premium 2020

Following, the third one is the Login Icon [right top of the box] which greatly helps with the Online Licensing that was introduced in 2018. Once we Login, it stays connected so that the user can utilize SOLIDWORKS Nashville online resources [MySolidworks customer portal] directly on the web portal.

customer portal 3

customer portal 4The fourth one, which many users have awaited for a long time, relieves the frustration on assembly file opening to indicate how much time it takes to open a file. The “Assembly Open Progress Indicator”, which was introduced in 2018, will help you to know the elapsed time of opening the file. Just relax and have a cup of coffee.



So far, we have reviewed a few delightful improvements  on the SOLIDWORKS Nashville USER INTERFACE. Stay tuned for Part 2. We will meet you again soon.