• InterTech Nashville’s leak testers incorporate updated state-of-the-art mass flow sensors that are tuned to the specific test parameters specifications of each application.  Unlike older leak testers and the generic test instruments offered by other test instrument manufacturers , InterTech Nashville’s test instruments only use sensors that perform optimally and most sensitively in the range that the application requires.
  • The high precision sensors central to InterTech Nashville mass flow leak testers empower the InterTech Nashville LeanTest™ advantage.  InterTech Nashville’s LeanTest speeds test cycle times by determining early in the test cycle that a part is clearly in or out of specifications.  Impossible with pressure decay leak test methods, LeanTest puts the high sensitivity of InterTech Nashville’s patented mass flow sensor technology to work.   For leak testing of large volume parts, the leak test cycle accelerations with InterTech Nashville LeanTest can be especially significant– 30% is not uncommon.